MLC Swimming – COVID19 response for swimmers and families

  • Visitors and participants aged 16 years and above must sign in via Service Vic QR code displayed in the PEC. Proof of Fully Vaccination status will be required upon entry to PEC.
Before visiting MLC
  • Complete the symptom checker This includes a check to ensure:
    • No cough
    • No sore throat persisting beyond a drink of water
    • No runny nose
    • No shortness of breath
    • No significant lethargy
    • No fever (unexplained chills/sweats or temperature >37.5oC)
    • No loss of smell or taste
Swimmers and their families are requested not to attend MLC Swimming Programs if they have any of the symptoms listed above or have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID- 19.
Protocols for staff if they suspect a swimmer or family member is unwell
MLC Swimming response Protocol
  Staff member supports swimmer to pack up belongings and advises Director of Sport. Staff member to advise parent and Director of Sport
Swimmers will be isolated, mask applied and supervised by available staff
in the ‘Out of Hours’ office until parent arrives
The College requests that individuals (swimmers and their families) self-report using the COVID report email if they:
Have been advised to complete or have completed a COVID-19 test.
  • Have been in close contact with an individual who is suspected or has been confirmed to have a case of COVID-19. DHHS defines close contact as someone who has either:
    • Had at least 15 mins of face to face contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus
    • Shared a closed space for more than two hours with someone who is a confirmed case.
If a staff member or swimmer or family member has been tested, they cannot return to swimming until they receive a negative test result.

Additional Protocols:
  • Parents/Guardians of LTS participants can access the PEC/pool however, to reduce the number of visitors each swimmer/family is allowed only one adult on campus per session
  • Please practise social distancing maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres
  • Parents/Guardians must stay within the pool area or access the outdoor seating area that offers viewing of the pool
  • Showers and toilets are open however, density quotas do apply
  • Please use the sanitise station as you enter and leave the PC
  • Please be respectful toward our staff who are tasked with ensuring all visitors adhere to College COVID19 protocols