Carol Osborn

Carol Osborn commenced at MLC in the role of Aquatic Program Manager in 2002. Carol has over 30 years’ experience in the sport, fitness and education sectors and is an active participant in a range of sports including swimming. Carol holds university qualifications in Recreation and Leisure studies and Human Resources. She has introduced a number of programs to MLC Swimming and the College which have enabled participants to enjoy a range of opportunities including Holiday clinics, Club nights, LTS Carnivals, Diving with Ringwood Diving Club, and setting up the MLC Equestrian program.
Carol enjoys the daily interactions with students, families and staff that take place and the joy that learning and refining skills in a supportive environment can bring.
She and the staff team are committed to helping every swimmer get the most out of the sport - with the aim that they leave MLC Swimming with a lifelong love of swimming.

Jayden Brian


As of August 30th 2021 Jayden Brian has been appointed to the role of Swimming Head Coach. Jayden started coaching when he was a teenager and captain of his swimming club. He loved working with the Juniors and found it very rewarding and enjoyable. Being around competitions and the Junior swimmers made Jayden fall back in love with the sport after he had stopped swimming himself. Training was always Jayden’s favourite part of swimming when he was a competitive swimmer. He loved the feeling of getting through a brutal session with all his mates and being proud of finishing. Jayden commenced at MLC in 2016 as a casual swim coach and has worked across all our swim squads. Jayden has carried out this role in an exemplary fashion – continuing to impress all who are coached or work with him. Over the past years Jayden has worked closely with several of Victoria’s senior coaches including Gary Barclay, attended camps, competitions, GSV swimming events and currently represents MLC Aquatic on Swimming Victorian State and Junior Talent Teams. Jayden is currently completing his Performance Coaching Course (formerly Gold license) he holds an Advanced Coaching (formerly Silver license) and is a qualified physiotherapist. Jayden is passionate about helping every MLC Aquatic swimmer to be their best. Jayden hopes to inspire his team to become better people, rather than just better athletes. Jayden believes although the team has a lot of fun, at the end of the day we’re creating change and growing together. 

Ako Kusafuka

Ako commenced at MLC in October, 2021 in the role of Assistant Swimming Head Coach. She is responsible for coaching the National Squad and assists Jayden with the smooth running of the competitive swim program. Ako holds an Advanced Coaching qualification (formerly Silver license) and has been coaching at an Age National level for over 8 years. She has a Diploma in Sports Management, AUSTSWIM swim teaching qualifications and enjoys working with all levels of swimmers. In addition to her professional qualifications Ako represented Japan at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic swim trials and still enjoys competing with her coaching peers and friends.
Since moving to Australia in 2014, Ako has worked with the Southport Swim Club, Northcote Swim Club and Nunawading Swim Club where she has worked with some of Australia’s top swim coaches and has established herself as a skilled swim coach who aims to help every swimmer achieve their best in the sport she loves.

Eliza Jessup


Eliza’s MLC journey started in the year 2000 when the MLC Kindle first opened. Little did she know the connection she’d go on to have with school as a student and then an employed swimming instructor for MLC Swimming. Eliza learnt to swim at MLC Swimming and has many fond memories of her time in the Learn to Swim program. Being apart of MLC Aquatic and the GSV Swimming Captain in 2016 inspired Eliza to become a swimming instructor. In 2019 Eliza was nominated for the Victorian Swimming Instructor of the Year Award. The most rewarding aspect of Eliza’s teaching experience is knowing that the students are well equipped with water safety skills so they are safe on their summer holidays.

Maddy McCormack 

Maddy was apart of the MLC Aquatic National team for many years. Throughout that experience Maddy became to love the club and the culture. She started teaching at MLC Swimming in 2016 whilst a student at MLC. In 2017 she was voted the Captain of the GSV team and in her role strove to ensure all members felt welcome and included, whilst also leading the team to victory. Maddy is passionate about water safety and loves seeing children improve and feel more confident in the water.

Josh Mclntyre

Josh is MLC Aquatic’s state squad and senior sate squad coach. Josh loved sport growing up particularly swimming.  After being a learn to swim instructor for a few years in Australia and the USA, Josh took the opportunity to further develop as a swim coach. From there his enjoyment and passion grew and opened up to become apart of the MLC Coaching team. What Josh likes most abut MLC Aquatic, is the people, the swimmers, families and staff as part of one big community. Although swimming is very much and individual sport, MLC has a way of making you feel apart of a team. All together the hard work that this community puts in show why we are one of the best clubs in Victoria and have been competitive at a National Level. Josh hopes to inspire swimmers to grow and develop to be confident and hardworking individuals, that are able to bring the best out in others in their squad allowing them to push each other to reach new heights both in and out of the pool.

Zoe Scherret

Zoe is our Junior Squad and Development Squad coach and a swimming instructor. The positive culture that MLC demonstrated led her to board at the school for her schooling years. After training in National Squad for MLC Aquatic, Zoe joined the MLC swim teaching team as she loved working with children and  to keep them safe around water. After a few years of instructing Zoe wanted to progress her skills further by completing her competitive strokes and bronze license. Her love for the sport and passion for helping the swimmers reach their goals is what makes coaching so rewarding for her.

Chloe McArthur

Chloe was an MLC Aquatic swimmer which lead her to become a swimming instructor for MLC Swimming. The MLC Aquatic community left Chloe with many fond memories but what she loved most was how friendly the swimmers and coaches were, Chloe always felt like it didn’t matter if someone wasn’t the best swimmer because they all were still having heaps of fun as a team. Chloe loves being a swimming instructor because every lesson she gets to see her students having fun while conquering their fears. Chloe is paginate about helping kids who may be timid in the water, grow confidence and move up through the swim school program. 

Jasmine Stokie

What Jasmine loves most about being a swimming teacher is seeing the swimmers achieve new skills especially when they didn’t initially believe they could do it. Jasmine swam in MLC’s National Squad and competed mostly in Butterfly and Freestyle events. The swimmings camaraderie and team aspect of swimming is what Jasmine liked most of MLC Aquatic. Jasmine was inspired by many of her own coaches, so becoming a swimming teacher was her way of paying it forward. Jasmine hopes to inspire her swimmers to be brave, passionate, and find purpose with all that they do.

Cate Jamieson

Cate swam for MLC Aquatic for 6 years and enjoyed every moment of it! At MLC Aquatic, Cate always felt included and valued as a club member and made friends that she is still close with today. Cates biggest achievement was going to the National championships 3 years in a row, for the 100m and 200m backstroke. Cate always knew she wanted to become a swim teacher so she could combine her love for swimming and working with children. Cate’s favourite part of swim teaching is seeing the students progression each term, and see them continually getting better. Cate hopes to inspire her students the way she felt inspired by her own swim instructors and coaches, as always they motivated her to do her best.

Jake Patterson

Jake was an APS Swimming Captain for St Kevin’s in 2019 and trained in MLC Aquatic’s National Performance Squad for many years. Jake has so much love for the sport and enjoyed his experience within it after training in the National Performance squad for so long. Until it came to a point where Jake no longer wanted to swim but still loved the sport and wanted to share with others what he had learned and how to progress into a competitive swimmer. Jake continues to share his expertise as a swimming instructor and assistant coach. Jake is looking forward to progressing his coaching career further as he undergoes his competitive strokes and bronze licence training. 

Phoebe Ricker

Phoebe has been swim teaching since a 2018 and was drawn to MLC Swimming after hearing that we held a strong family/community nature. Phoebe swam for MLC Aquatic in the National team. Her fondest memories were going away on trips, whether it was a training camps or for national competition trips, she loved going away, training and racing all together as a big team. Phoebe hopes to inspire the students she teaches to continue on to MLC Aquatic so they can share the same fond experiences she had.

Georgie Moloney

Georgie is a passionate about swimming as a current swimmer and swimming teacher at MLC Swimming. Georgie qualified for the 2021 Olympic trials being one of her biggest achivements yet. Her favourite thing about swimming is the amazing club culture of MLC Aquatic and getting to swim with all her friends. Georgie wanted to become a swim teacher because she wanted younger children to develop the same love that she has for swimming. Her favourite part about being a swimming teacher is knowing that she is helping younger children be safe around water, and develop a love for swimming. Georgie hopes to inspire each of her students to keep swimming after they complete the Learn To Swim levels and develop a passion for being in the water.

Millie Olive

Millie's passion for water safety and swimming stroke development stemmed from her bronze surf life saving training. Once her training was completed, she wanted to progress her skills for teaching water safety further by becoming a swimming teacher. Surf life saving demonstrated to Millie how important it is for children to be competent swimmings. Millie also wanted to become a swimming instructor because she loves being around the water and wanted to encourage other kids to love it as much as she does. Her favourite part about being a swim teacher is seeing individuals progress and become more comfortable in the water. Millie wishes to inspire kids to feel confident around water and proud of their progress in their swimming lessons.

Sophie Courtney

Sophie is a current MLC Aquatic Swimmer and a swimming instructor here at MLC Swimming. Sophie’s biggest swimming achievement so far is medalling at State Championships and being 0.06 off a national time. Sophie likes the community of MLC Aquatic. Sophie aspired to become a swimming instructor because she was inspired by the amazing swim teachers and coaches she has had in the past. Sophie wants to help teach the next generation of swimmers and teach a skill they will use for life! Her favourite thing about being a teacher at MLC is getting to know new students and see them improve in swimming. Sophie hopes to inspire students to be lifelong swimmers whether it is competitively or recreationally and enjoy taking on new challenges.