Program Information

MLC Swimming conduct a series of swim intensive holiday programs over the school term breaks.

Each program is conducted over 5 days (Monday – Friday) & consists of a 45-minute group lesson conducted by AUSTSWIM qualified swim instructors. Clinics are open to all children aged 3 years and above to 13. Older children may be placed in classes with younger participants as assessment is based on aquatic skill level.

Program Content

Each child will participate in a 45 minute group class designed to suit their current level of
aquatic awareness. Students will be encouraged to achieve the skills outlined in their class level & will be assessed throughout the program. All students will receive a participation certificate on completion of the program.

Swim Levels

3-5 years - Starfish (Instructor/Student Ratio 1-4)

  • Enter & exit the water
  • Move around the small pool confidently
  • Fully submerged face & blow bubbles
  • Float with an aid for 30 seconds
  • Perform a back float for 10 secs from a standing position
  • Perform an assisted crocodile role (Float from front to back)

3-5 years - Seahorse (Instructor/Student Ratio 1-6)

  • Independently submerge to pick up an object
  • Perform a crocodile roll unassisted
  • Perform Freestyle & Backstroke kick with an aid
  • Perform a Torpedo (Freestyle Kick) & Backstroke Kick unassisted for 3-5m with correct head position
  • Introduce basic Freestyle & Backstroke arms
  • Introduce the big pool

6-10 years - Turtle (Instructor/Student Ratio 1-6)

  • Torpedo (Freestyle) & Backstroke Kick for 10m
  • Demonstrate freestyle & Backstroke arms for 5-7m
  • Introduce side breathing in Freestyle with and without an aid
  • Demonstrate arm sculling & treading water in a vertical position for 10 secs

6-10 years - Seal (Instructor/Student Ratio 1-6)

  • Perform 10-12m of Freestyle with correct breathing (to the side)
  • Perform 10-12m of backstroke with continuous arms
  • Introduce Survival Backstroke Kick
  • Introduce Butterfly Kick

6-10 years - Stingray (Instructor/Student Ratio 1-6)

  • Perform 2-25m of Freestyle with correct breathing
  • Perform 20-25m of Backstroke with continuous arm actions
  • Perform 15m of survival Backstroke (arms & legs) with timing
  • Develop a propulsive Butterfly Kick
  • Introduce Breaststroke Kick

6-10 years - Dolphin (Instructor/Student Ratio 1-8)

  • Perform 50m Freestyle & Backstroke with continuous arm actions
  • Developing a propulsive Breaststroke Kick
  • Introduce breaststroke arms
  • Introduce Butterfly arms
  • Introduce somersaults in water
  • Introduce diving (off edge of the pool)

6-12 Years - Marlin (Instructor/student ratio 1-8)

  • Perform 75m Freestyle & Backstroke with tumble turns
  • Consistent streamline of the walls
  • Perform 25m Breaststroke with correct timing
  • Perform 15m Butterfly developing correct timing
  • Introduce tumble turns at the wall
  • Build confidence diving off the block


Cost per child:  $100.00 per 5 day program (Via TryBoooking)