Term 2 MLC Swimming District Squad-Book now

Junior District Squad
(Instructor to student ratio 1:20) 

Target: To continue developing fitness and to consolidate race skills in preparation for school swimming competitions.

Swimmers can choose from five sessions offered per week but generally choose to swim 1 – 2 sessions per week conducted for 60 minutes per session. The squad is aimed at swimmers who have completed the Learn-to-Swim program and who enjoy swimming but it is not their main sport.

  • Perform 200m backstroke with tumble turns
  • Perform 200m Freestyle with bilateral breathing & tumble turns
  • Perform 50m breaststroke with correct timing
  • Perform 25m butterfly developing correct timing
  • Introduction to interval training and speed development
  • Use a pace clock leaving 5 sec apart
  • Complete 15.-2km in the 1 hour session


Senior District Squad
(Instructor to student ratio 1:20) 

Senior District Squad is designed for competent swimmers who are working towards a personal goal. This can be fitness related or training for qualifying times. The swim sessions run for 1 hour. Senior District also participate in dryland gym sessions before training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Dryland training is where we work on cardio fitness, core engagement and warm up muscle groups that reflect the swimming session.

Senior District members are required to be able to -
  • Perform 200m swims comfortably
  • Perform all 4 strokes correctly
  • Perform all correct starts and turns (including race dives)
  • Use a pace clock
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Junior District - 4pm - 5pm - 4pm - 5pm 8:30am dryland + 9:00am-10:00am swim
Senior District 4pm - 5pm 5:30pm dryland + 
6pm- 7pm swim
4pm - 5pm 5:30pm dryland + 
‚Äč6pm- 7pm swim
8:30am dryland + 9:00am-10:00am swim